About Us

thewhiteagency_august1897amoswhiteAmos O. White established The White Agency in 1873 in a small building at 26 E. Main Street in downtown Fremont, Michigan. Three years later on June 23, 1876, Patrons Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Newaygo, Oceana, and Muskegon Counties (now Fremont Insurance Company) was organized. The White Agency and Amos were vital in the establishment of Patron Insurance Company. The agency personally secured 69 of the original 101 subscribers. In 1917, Milo A. White sold his law practice and joined his father in the management of both The White Agency and Patron Insurance.

In 1929, the agency and the company began to be managed separately from each other. Charles White graduated from college and took over management of the agency. Though they were managed separately, they still shared an office building largely because of the family background. The two entities built a new location at 20 E. Main and 18 E. Main with a common front and two identical doorways.

The long-standing relationship with Fremont Mutual ended in January of 1978 when The White Agency moved to its current location at 52 W. Main and Fremont Mutual moved to their current home at 933 E. Main. Though they no longer share an office, The White Insurance Agency remains the largest agency of Fremont Insurance Company.

In October of 1992, the agency incorporated and purchased The Hertel Agency; the only other independent agency in Fremont. Currently, there are three offices located in Fremont, Grant and Twin Lake. The White Insurance Agency currently provides insurance to over 6,000 policyholders primarily throughout Michigan offering a full-line of insurance from personal and commercial insurance to life and health. With over 130 years in the Fremont community, The White Insurance Agency has become a backbone to the local economy of Western Michigan.